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24″ Gauge Mining & Tunneling Locomotives

Modern, up-to-date, computer-controlled locomotives with electronic motor speed control (speed-up and slow-down) and also Disc Brakes. 

3-ton Atlas “K” Locomotives

Fpr Sale Train Equipment

(Quantity of 2) Vintage 1950s, 3-ton Atlas “K” locomotives–Storage Battery-powered, Warren NexTec Computer Motor Controllers with easy joystick control for safe electronic speed and braking control.  60VDC Motor, Disc Brakes, built by Atlas Car & Manufacturing Company in Cleveland, Ohio. Motors fully rebuilt. 24″ Gauge, Industrial Grade. No Pollution! Easy & Fun to Drive. FULLY OPERATIONAL.

60V Industrial Batteries for Locomotives

60V battery for gold mining locomotive

(Quantity of 2) 60V 525 Amp-hours, Industrial Batteries for Atlas “K” 60V locomotives. Industrial for long running, 2700 lbs. each. 1 battery very strong, 1 very weak (could be used as “core” for new battery.

Industrial Charger for 60V Batteries

(Quantity of 1) 60V 20Amp Battery Charger for locomotive batteries, Anderson SB quick connectors. FULLY OPERATIONAL

Additional Facts & Specs–

“Steam” Battery Locomotive

"Steam" Storage Battery Locomotive

The “Atlas” battery locomotives can be modified to look like steam locomotives as in this example.

Atlas “K” Locomotive Ad

Gold Mining Locomotive used in Gold Mines throughout the world made in U.S.A.

Atlas “K” Original Specs

Mine Locomotive information