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Gold Mining Equipment (Mine cars, drift drill, mine car loader…)

Circa 1880 Mine Car

1880 Gold Mine Ore Cart

(Quantity of 1) “Cage” or “Leadville” type, rotary-dump ore car. Built about 1880, newer undercarriage. Box can turn 360 degrees for dumping ore into ore bin, rivetted box with end gate, 12″ dia. CS Card wheels and axles, 18″ gauge. FULLY OPERATIONAL

1880 “Avalanche” Mine Car

Rivetted Mine car box made in blacksmith shop around 1800

(Quantity of 1) Rotary-dump gold mine ore car, built in a blacksmith shop about 1880, newer undercarriage. Unique 4-bar mechanism arms open end gate to dump and hold it open until box is returned to latched position. Used by miners for hand-tramming rock in gold mine, 8″ dia. wheels, 18″ gauge. FULLY OPERATIONAL

1900 Mine “Drift” Drill

Gold Mining powerful "Drift Drill"

(Quantity of 1) Vintage 1900 air-powered Gold Mining “Drift” drill, mounts on steel post in gold mine, water injection, used to drill holes in rock face, holes are then filled with dynamite and rock is blasted out, hand-feed crank. PROBABLY OPERATIONAL

1890 Gold Mine Aerial Tram Buckets

Halladie-type aerial tram ore bucketsAerial tram buckets for hauling gold rush ore from mine to mill

(Quantity of 2) Vintage 1890 Halladie-type aerial tram buckets for hauling gold ore from the mine down to the mill. Usually gravity-operated. Buckets are riveted & include cast counterweights to automatically close bucket after dumping. Buckets would be attached to a cable suspended between towers and sometimes would travel for miles.

1890 Gold Mine Aerial Tram Loading Chute

Tram loading chute to move while tram bucket swings by

(Quantity of 1) Vintage 1890 Halladie-type aerial tram movable loading chute. Single cable tram system requires the buckets to keep moving most of the time. This loading chute was mounted on track to move with the bucket so tram wouldn’t have to completely stop. Chute is riveted. Well used and repaired.

GD9 “Mine Car Loader”

Gardner Denver Mine Car Loader

(Quantity of 1) Gardner Denver Model 9, Air-powered “Mine Car Loader” or “Air Mucker”, weight 4200 lbs., operator stands on side platform and can load a 2-ton mine car in less than a minute. Bucket digs into material and then–when a lever is turned, bucket is pulled up over top of loader and throws rock into car attached to rear of loader. Missing top air motor, 20″ gauge.

Gold Mining Sluice Boxes

Sluice boxes for placer mining goldReal sluice boxes for use in placer mining to collect gold

Sluice boxes built for use in a gold placer mining operation, includes shot plates, expanded metal, etc. Currently stored on Granby car undercarriages. Have photos to show proper assembly of parts. OPERATIONAL

Mine Shaft Headframe Sheave

36" Mine Shaft headframe top sheave

(Quantity of 1) 36″ dia. CS Card Mine Shaft Headframe Sheave. Top pulley which carries the cable, mounts on the top of the mine headframe to lift ore buckets and mine cages out of deep mine shafts.

Mine Rescue Breathing Apparatus

Oxygen Creating mask for rescuing gold miners

(Quantity of 2) Mine Rescue, MSA Chemox, Breathing Apparatus in box. Equipment generates oxygen for saving miners’ lives. Stored at different locations at mine for emergency situations.

Also Available: Gold Mining Saws, Drift Picks, Lanterns…

Vintage Mine Shoring Timber Saws, Drift Picks, Kerosene Lanterns, Lanterns adapted for candle-type flame bulbs with electric cords, Electric hand-lamps, Chain Hoists for mine shop, Post Drill… (page under construction)