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Locomotives (Total of 7 locomotives)

Battery-powered locomotives were originally invented in 1837. They have been reliable workhorses above and below ground ever since.

3.5-ton Warren Atlas “K” Locomotives

For Sale Atlas K 3.5 Ton Locomotive

(Quantity of 2) Warren Atlas “K” 3.5-ton locomotives, 60V Battery-powered, Warren NextTec Computer Controller with easy joystick control, disc brakes. Used in gold mines in Canada and rebuilt in 2001 in Canada, brought up to modern standards, used in a tunneling project in Walnut Creek, CA and then rebuilt in 2008. Motor fully rebuilt. 60V 525 Amp-hour battery. Used in public Julian Train & Gold Mine Tours. Link and pin coupling, 18″ gauge. Easy to maintain and fun to drive. Historic, powerful locomotives. Industrial Grade, FULLY OPERATIONAL.

3-ton Atlas “K” Locomotives

Fpr Sale Train Equipment

(Quantity of 3) Vintage 1950s, 3.5-ton Atlas “K” locomotives– Storage Battery-powered, Warren NexTec Computer Motor Controllers with easy Joystick control, 60V, Disc Brakes, built by Atlas Car & Manufacturing Company in Cleveland, Ohio. 1 locomotive is 18″ gauge (can easily be converted to 24″ gauge), 2 locomotives are 24″ gauge. Industrial Grade, FULLY OPERATIONAL.

3-ton Mancha “Titan ANX” Locomotive

For Sale vintage 1926 Mancha Titan ANX 3-ton locomotive

(Quantity 1) Vintage 1926, 3-ton Mancha Titan ANX (“X” means “external frame” on axles) Locomotive, Trolley-type Controller, Storage Battery powered. Have new Warren-type Nextec Computer Controller with Joystick operation which can be mounted on locomotive. Used in the Silver mines in Ely, Nevada. Built by Mancha Storage Battery Locomotive Co., St. Louis, MO. 18″ gauge.  Needs some finishing work: can complete it according to buyer’s choice, trolley or joystick controller. Industrial Grade, OPERATIONAL.

1.5-ton Atlas “J” Locomotive

1.5-ton Atlas "J" locomotive

(Quantity of 1) 1.5-ton Atlas “J” locomotive, 40V Battery-powered, Warren NextTec Computer Controller with joystick control. Built by Atlas Car & Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, Ohio. Used in mines in Arizona and New Mexico. Motor fully rebuilt, historic locomotive, 18 inch gauge. Have old “trade-in” 40V battery core for when buy new battery. Industrial Grade locomotive, NEAR OPERATIONAL.

60V Industrial Batteries for Locomotives

60V battery for gold mining locomotive

(Quantity of 4) 60V 525 Amp-hours, Industrial Batteries for Atlas “K” and Mancha “Titan” 60V locomotives. Industrial for long running, 2700 lbs. each. 3 batteries are strong, 1 very weak.

Industrial Chargers for 60V Batteries, Probit Locomotive Diagnostic Tool

Charger for tunneling and gold mining locomotives

(Quantity of 1) “Extreme Power” Industrial Charger for locomotive 60V batteries. Connects to batteries using Anderson SB quick connectors. Includes battery diagnosis, power level, charge, and equalize charge settings. FULLY OPERATIONAL

(Quantity of 1) 60V 20Amp Battery Charger for locomotive batteries, Anderson SB quick connectors. FULLY OPERATIONAL

(Quantity of 1) PROBIT Locomotive Controller Diagnostic Tool for interfacing with computer controllers. FULLY OPERATIONAL

“Steam” Battery Locomotive

"Steam" Storage Battery Locomotive

The “Atlas” battery locomotives can be modified to look like steam locomotives as in this example.

Atlas “K” Locomotive Catalog Sheet

Gold Mining Locomotive used in Gold Mines throughout the world made in U.S.A.

Atlas “J” Original Specs

Atlas J Locomotive specs

Historic Atlas Locomotives

Atlas Locomotive Ad Page from mining catalog

Atlas Locomotive Ad

Gold Mining Equipment

Atlas “K” Locomotive Original Specs

Mine Locomotive information