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18″ Gauge Passenger Train Cars

14″ Dia. Wheel Passenger Cars

Julian Railroad For Sale

Passenger cars, two-axles, 14″ Dia. Wheels (not including flange) — spoked and unspoked — and axles from CS Card Granby ore cars, Timken bearings. Cars have welded steel frames, 2″x10″ douglas fir car floors, seats, and sides. 43″ wide by 60″ long. Seats 4 adults or 6 children. Link and 2″ dia. pin couplings, 18″ gauge.



Julian Train passenger car on newly built spur or siding track

10″ Wheel Passenger Cars

Passenger cars, seat 4 adults or 6 children, 43″ wide by 60″ long, 10″ dia. wheels (not including flange) and mine car axles, Timken bearings, welded steel frames, link and 2″ pin coupling, 2″x10″ douglas fir floors, seats, and sides, 18″ gauge.


Passengers riding on the Smith Ranch & Julian Gold Mining Railroad

Wheelchair Car with Ramp

ADA compliant train car with rampMine Car to carry person in wheelchair on train

Wheelchair Car has easy-to-rotate platform. Ramp can be raised or lowered. When ramp is resting on passenger loading platform, person in wheelchair can drive up onto car, platform is then rotated and pinned in place so wheelchair faces forward. Wheelchair straps in place with regular tie-down straps. Very heavy duty, link and 2″ dia. pin coupling, 10″ dia. wheels, helps with ADA compliance, enables people in wheelchairs to enter a gold mine and enjoy riding the train, 18″ gauge.

Passengers enjoying a ride on the Julian Train

Passengers enjoying a ride on the Julian Gold Mining Train