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What’s For Sale

Historic Gold Mining Trains For Sale

The Atlas K locomotives, pulling 7 loaded cars each, have handled the uphill 3-7% grades on our line very well. We’ve been told by a Disneyland Railroad engineer who rode on our train tours that the Disneyland RR locomotives could not make the grades the Atlas K’s do without a run at it. (We recommend building grades less than 3%.)

The Atlas K locomotives are substantial, powerful, fun, easy to operate and maintain.

Gold Mine Ore Car

Rivetted Mine car box made in blacksmith shop around 1800

Rotary Dump, Gold Mine Ore Car, built in a blacksmith shop about 1880, newer undercarriage. Unique side arms open and close the car door when the mine car is dumped. 8″ diameter wheels, 18″ gauge, FULLY OPERATIONAL.


Gold Mine Ore Car

Gold Rush mine car in excellent condition

Rotary dumping Gold Mine ore car, CS Card Type design, Low sides for easier loading by miners. Used by miners in gold mine for hand tramming of gold ore, 18″ gauge, FULLY OPERATIONAL.

Disney Illustrator RR Switch Stands

Star stands for switches from Disney Illustrator Ollie Johnston's Deer Lake Park & Julian RR

2 Switch stands from Disney Illustrator Ollie Johnston’s “Deer Lake Park & Julian Railroad”. The DLP&J RR was built around his vacation home in Julian, CA, and featured a working steam locomotive. FULLY OPERATIONAL


378′ 25LB Rail & Splice Bars

30 foot long pieces of 25 LB railroad rail.

  • 378 feet of 25 LB Rail. (Twelve pieces of 30′ rail plus one piece 18′ long.)

  • 27 splice bars for 25 LB rail

  • 17 feet of 30 LB rail. (End cut and bolt holes cut by torch)

  • 74 splice bars for 30 LB rail.

We’ve Switched Tracks and it means More Adventure for You!


18″ Gauge Mining RR Eqmt.

For Sale Atlas K 3.5 Ton Locomotive

18″ Gauge

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24″ Gauge Mining RR Eqmt.

Fpr Sale Train Equipment

378′ 25LB Rail with splice bars

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Gold Mining Equipment

Inside an 1879 CA Gold Rush mine in Julian, CA


  • 2 Mine Ore Cars

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